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Fountain Plus™ - Power Solar

Fountain Plus™ - Power Solar

Fountain Plus™ - Power Solar

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Water, source of life and relaxation

A fountain in your garden is not only decorative, but brings a particularly Zen atmosphere to your guests, and yourself.

Who wouldn't appreciate the soothing sound of the water flowing, while taking it easy in a lounge chair? A pure moment of relaxation in union with nature, to let go of stress and dive into deep well-being.

Water fountains are also very popular with birds, which will brighten up our living space. Let's make your garden a haven of peace.

Functional and elegant

These garden fountains are directly powered by solar energy. These mechanisms also make it possible to avoid what is called an empty run and to oxygenate the body of water.

No need for an electrical connection, the integrated solar panels capture the rays of light, charge the pump to activate the water in the fountain's nozzles. Very practical, this system is easy to install and move around.

Wellness area

The fountain will be a meeting place, a space to calm down and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It also allows you to observe the life of birds and insects attracted to water. In addition to its decorative function, this fountain allows you to set in motion a place in your garden.



No running costs : Operates with sunlight, at no energy cost

Easy to install : the fountain is ready to use, in the blink of an eye! Just follow a few set-up steps.

Water aerator : this stops the growth of algae and balances biological processes. This keeps the water clean and clear.

• Compatible with swimming pools, ponds, basins, aquariums,

• Simple to clean and maintain


Specifications :

Solar panel output power: 1.4 W

Solar panel size: 160 mm diameter

Flow rate: 150L / h

Spraying height: 35 to 55 cm

Pump power: 0,5-0,85 w

Beware of counterfeits circulating on the internet, we are the official manufacturers.

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