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USB charging sport sling Anti-theft shoulder bag- Quality premium™

USB charging sport sling Anti-theft shoulder bag- Quality premium™

USB charging sport sling Anti-theft shoulder bag- Quality premium™

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This Anti-Theft Sling Bag is super stylish and practical.

✅ The anti-theft lock protects your belongings from strangers and its high-quality materials make it look and feel exceptional.

✅ The scratch-resistant material prevents wear and tear.

✅Water-repellent and drop-proof material keeps your belongings dry at all times.

✅The hidden card pocket is convenient and secure, and the USB 3.0 connector makes it easy to charge your phone (battery not included).

✅The breathing cellular material prevents sweating and is comfortable to use.


 Capacity: Meet your daily need, enough space to hold a water bottle, clothes, iPad, notebook, umbrella, etc.

Size: H33cm* L16cm* W9.5cm(13"* 6.3"* 3.7"),large main zippered compartment is compatible with 9.7 inch ipad.

Adjustable Strap: You can according to your need to adjust the length.

How to set it?

  1. Open the lock(the original lock is 0-0-0)and release the zipper heads
  2. Press down the reset button with a tool such as a Pen until hearing the "Click"
  3. Set your number combination by turning the dials(for examples: 8-8-8)


How to charge?

  1. this connector is located on the side of the sling bag.
  2. Open the charging port and set a 3.0 USB cable to connect your phone outside.
  3. Connect your power bank inn




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