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Magic tracing notebook set - Quality premium ™

Magic tracing notebook set - Quality premium ™

Magic tracing notebook set - Quality premium ™

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If your child's success is your main worry and you are looking for the best educational tool for your child, discover the famous magic tracing book for kids.

✅ Facilitates preparation for learning to write

✅Improves the development of concentration

✅ Builds your child's self-confidence and develops their imagination

✅Sparks your child's love for mathematical figures, signs and symmetries.

✅Improves your child's feel for holding and guiding the pen correctly.


These A4 size notebooks bring out the child's intelligence and stimulate curiosity, concentration and discovery. It not only allows the child to be entertained but also to acquire knowledge.


Writing - All children want to do what adults can do. This millennia-old method of exchanging knowledge and experience requires optimal brain performance. Handwriting is a very complex process involving fine marks, arcs, arches and ripples. If you are able to do this, it will not only improve the fluency of the writing, but it will also help you learn to read.


Designed especially for children aged 2 to 6 years old in kindergarten, it is a pre-school manual for beginners and for those in the first years of school. In this way, you will support your child's graphomotor skills in a playful way and prepare him/her for writing letters and numbers. 



This book of emblematic line-drawing exercise pages requires concentration in your child and the coloring pages develop the spirit of curiosity. Carefully designed illustrations invite you to draw the lines of the figures.

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